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Who Will Win or Who Would Have Won and Who Actually (Has) Won The US Presidential Election 2012 Obama or Romney?

According to the pre-election polls 2012 … .  And how does it compare to the actual results?  We already know it.  The 2012 President of the United States of America has been elected for the next four years.

Who did you vote for or would have if you could?  Do you think the 2012 Presidential election outcome reflects the true position of the American electorate in 2012?  Would you say that the just voted in President is the best person to run this most powerful country in the whole wide World?  Do you think the two-step electoral voting system is in the best interest of the country, its nation and the people?
What, in your, and rightly so, not so humble opinion should be the highest priority on the President’s agenda?  What would it be and what would you do if YOU were elected The President of the United States of America?
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The Final Stretch or Who Will Win US Presidential Elections 2012 Obama or Romney?

Who are you betting on: the Democratic incumbent and the residing President of the USA Barack Obama or the Republican nominee and challenger Mitt Romney

Who would you or will you or are going to vote for?  Have you already decided?  Are you still making up your mind waiting for the first ballot reports to help you with the decision?  Have you been following the pre-election public relations game called the Presidential Electoral Campaign?  Read more »

Can Obama Have More American Votes and Still Lose to Romney in US Presidential Elections 2012?

How come Bush won the controversial Presidential elections in the US when more people voted for Gore?

In the US people vote for their Presidential candidate within each state.  This is called the popular vote.  The candidate who gets more votes or, in other words, wins – carries all state’s electoral votes.  Only these (electoral) votes count towards the win or loss at the federal or country’s level.Read more »

How Was Your Summer Vacation? Asking Questions in American English?

How was your summer vacation?

Did you have fun (pictures)?   What did you do?   Did you go anywhere?   Have you met anyone interesting?   Did you … fall in love …?

I’m tellin’ you …  You wouldn’t believe what happened …  The other day …  I was just walkin’ down the street/ beach/ river …   You know what …   I’m so glad to see you, again …  And, …how was your vacation/ yours?

Who is this new guy/ girl?   What’s our/ the new schedule?  Do you wanna hang out after school? When can we start/ meet?  Where do you want to go?

How do you like the new teachers?   What languages are you taking this year?  How do you feel about your English?   Did you pick your English private tutor, yet?

Have fun in school!

See ya …

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How Does the Sell in May and Go Away Principle Work in American English Learning?

There is a saying in the US financial markets world.  It goes like this.  Sell in May and go away

Now, with the end of the school/ academic year approaching one could use the same principle in foreign language learning.  Unless it is the subject of your elementary, middle or high school or under-graduate, graduate or post-graduate studies, of course.  Then you may want to drop everything else and concentrate on your language studies.
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Getting Back to Work After Long Weekends

Long weekends are a lot of fun.  Returning to work after a few days off is a completely different story.  How to deal with the back to work syndrome?  Is there anything to mitigate the pain of forced labor? Actually, I don’t think so.  You just gotta get thru the back to work transition as if you were going through the flu recovery.  Another long weekend is coming again, sooner or later.  Sometimes it feels like much, much later.
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May Day or Labor Day in Poland and US

 May 1st as Labor Day is traditionally observed not only in Poland, but in the most of the World with some exceptions.  One of those is the US.  In the States, Labor Day is celebrated in/ at the beginning of September - on the first Monday of the month, to be exact.

Why such a difference?
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Final Exams or the Finals and the Basic Financial Statements

The school/ academic year is almost over.  Only a few months are left till the end of the semester.  If you are like the proverbial most of us, you are not happy with your grades or you start getting “butterflies” in your stomach as soon as you start thinking about the next round of exams.

Now, so far into the school year, is there anything you can do to improve your grades in English?
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Why America Is So Great – Implementation versus Invention. Steve Jobs and Pirates of Silicon Valley.

"His genius was in being able to put himself in the shoes of the end user, his ability to cut through the crap and focus on what the user wants.”

“They want a DVD of their daughter's wedding.  They don't want to know anything about compression.  They don't want to know anything about HD64 or any of that crap. They want their camera to work so they can push a button and take out a DVD.”
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