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Summer Jobs by Youth in the USA

Getting a summer job by students is another American tradition.  It has to do with the concept of raising children as independent individuals who in the future, as adults, will need to take care of themselves, make money and make a living on their own.
The last few years, especially the last summer of 2010, were unusually difficult for seasonal employment including summer jobs for the young due to the recession and high unemployment in the USA.Read more »

Attack! Facebook Google and Freedom of Speech in the USA

Facebook has been long accused of serious privacy issues violations.Google has also been charged with similar confidentiality problems by the Internet community.
The recent attack on Facebook and Google, which peaked on Friday the 10th, 2011 proves anew that people can bear only so much abuse before they start rioting against it and stand up to the violator.
Personal privacy awareness is especially strong in the USA.  The freedom of speech and the right to express your opinion without any recourse is extremely deeply embedded in American souls and hearts.  Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and other legal acts.  So is the personal privacy of its citizens.Read more »